who we are

We are an independent tech collective that believes in a decentralized future. Ghostbusters started their collaboration on EOSIO first community testnet. After that, team members realized they had cultural alignment, sharing common values and working towards a higher purpose. Since EOS mainnet launch the collaboration and teamwork between the collective just got stronger.
Our projects are built by collaborating within our collective.
We are a fully independent team with all skills required in house.
The Ghostbusters are scattered all across the world.
We are motivated by challenges and enjoy the projects we work on.

our projects

Check the projects we've worked on:

Liberland's DAG

Decentralized Autonomous Government ( DAG ) for the Liberland nation
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An amazing EOSio wallet.
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Community resource leasing platform.
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You want data? We have the data! - An ecosystem monitor.
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eosDAC will be a decentralized autonomous community owned and run by its members.
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The first Platform as a Service for the EOS network.
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EOS Test Cave

Quick and effective way to validate EOSio releases.
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First ever eosio community testnet.

EOS Node Tools

Community tools, apps and resources for EOS developers.
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If you know where to look, you will find us.